Monday, August 22, 2011

Mr Kona Bay Back to Blogging

I have been doing a lot more Facebook and Twitter social interaction lately and have not been dedicating enough time to the Kona Bay Fabrics blog but now I am back to blogging.

We hope you have been following us on Facebook which is where I do daily postings -- sometimes several a day - to keep everyone up to date on new collections, free patterns and things in general involving Kona Bay Fabrics. Occasionally, Miss Piggy da Kitty will get her picture uploaded as well.

The two latest collections from Kona Bay to arrive in the quilt shops and are available now would be:

Talented quilter Cathy Kind has produced a very lovely quilt for the Explosion of Colors tonal group and this FREE pattern can be found on the Kona Bay website by clicking here.

The other fabric collection that is also available now in quilt shops is the popular RAINBOW GARDEN COLLECTION.

Kona Bay is famous for their Asian designs but did you know that we also produce very beautiful non-Asian fabric collections as well.

RAINBOW GARDEN COLLECTION is a lovely fabric group and it also comes with a FREE pattern by Cathy Kind and is available on our web site.

Enjoy the fabric, enjoy the free patterns and hope everyone is having a great summer!!


  1. Love the Explosion of Color line! I can see it in a quilt I have on my drawing board so I might have to order some. The colors are sooooo vibrant!

  2. Thanks Sandi for the nice comments. Glad you like our Explosion of Colors line:) Mahalo!!

  3. I love this! I will have to get some for my store Catty Wampus Fabric Co!!! Everyone will love it!

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