Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kona Bay Fabrics has two new collections being shipped to quilt shops now!

Kona Bay Fabrics is now shipping two wonderful and gorgeous fabric groups to your favorite quilt shop as we speak!!

Butterfly Carnival Collection and Leaf Candy have been very popular sellers and we know the quilt shops are eager to receive them to show their customers!!

Butterfly Carnival has a FREE ONLINE pattern that can be downloaded from the Kona Bay Fabrics website so make sure you print it out before heading over to your favorite quilt shop.

Kona Bay's Leaf Candy is a beautiful tonal group with so many colors for you to fall in love with!

Mahalo and Aloha from Da Textile Samurai of Kona Bay Fabrics!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Kona Bay Fabrics' Butterfly Carnival fabrics have arrived!!

Kona Bay Fabrics is so happy to announce that Butterfly Carnival Collection -- one of our most popular collections of the year --  has arrived at the Seattle docks and will soon be unloaded!!

From there, the warehouse  lads and laddies will fold this beautiful fabric and ship to our wonderful quilt shop customers for all to enjoy!!

Kona Bay Fabrics would also like to remind everyone that a FREE pattern using the pretty Butterfly Carnival Collection is online at the Kona Bay Fabrics website.

Now would be a great time to download the pattern, then head into your local quilt shop to check out the gorgeous fabrics.

Thanks to one and all for making our Butterfly Carnival Collection so successful!!!

Mahalo and Aloha from Da Textile Samurai!!