Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kona Bay's Explosion of Colors Collection

Kona Bay's Explosion of Colors Collection may be our best selling tonal group of 2011. There are 16 great colors!

Look at the gorgeous quilt that super quilter, Cathy Kind of Woodinville, WA. made using all 16 colors from our Explosion of Colors fabric collection!!

This FREE pattern is available on the Kona Bay Fabrics web site and this outstanding fabric group is now available in your local quilt shop.

Have fun!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kona Bay Loves Our "Magical Flight" Dragonflies

Kona Bay Fabrics has been in love with its dragonfly fabrics for many. many years. The Japanese word for dragonfly is "Tombo" and we have been producing Tombo collections for ages!

Our customers insist we keep producing these dragonfly fabrics as they keep selling very, very well in quilt shops.

Perhaps you even have several of the different Kona Bay dragonfly prints in your fabric stash.

Our latest collection -- MAGICAL FLIGHT -- is a gorgeous multi-colored design and these fabrics will be available in shops in February.

Our sales reps will soon have these color boards and will be showing our quilt shop customers very, very soon.

We hope you LOVE them as much as we do!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kona Bay Fabrics' Eco Friendly Hot/Cold Bags

The hottest non-fabric item from Kona Bay Fabrics this year was, by far and away, the Eco Friendly Hot/Cold Bags!!

Kona Bay is doing its part to be green and, in addition, these eleven bags are just soooooooooooooooooo gosh darn pretty!!

The bag featured in this blog is the LOTUS bag and there are ten more different bags for you to choose from.

Please obtain your hot/cold bag at your favorite quilt shop or you can go to Kona Bay Gifts to make your purchase.

These bags are ideal as a gift item for a special friend or for your personal use.

You will be styling with your Kona Bay Hot/cold bag!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kona Bay Fabrics' Geisha Dynasty Indigo Colorway

Here is a preview for our Kona Bay Fabrics blog fans of the indigo colorway for the upcoming GEISHA DYNASTY Collection that will be released early next year and we think she is gorgeous!!

Previously, we showed everyone the red/black colorway and we were so happy with the wonderful comments from everyone.

Our quilt shop customers will be seeing the entire collection on color sheets at the upcoming Quilt Market Show in Houston at the end of October.

We hope you love this group as much as we do!

Mahalo and Aloha from Da Textile Samurai

Monday, October 17, 2011

Geisha Dynasty Pattern Revealed

Earlier, we previewed for the Kona Bay blog fans, the upcoming Geisha Dynasty collection focus piece and we got many great responses!!

Here now is the proposed pattern that will go along with the collection and we hope you love it as well.

Soon, we should have the entire collection all finalized then it will go out to our dedicated sales reps to show our loyal and supportive quilt shop customers.

Thank you, again, for all your comments and we hope you enjoy this group as much as we have had in developing it.

Aloha and mahalo!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kona Bay Fabrics Loves the Geishas

Kona Bay Fabrics has been producing gorgeous Geisha fabrics since its inception in 1991.

Quilters and crafters have come to rely on Kona Bay for making beautiful Asian fabrics and we know our new group - GEISHA ROYALTY - will continue the tradition.

This is the red/black colorway from GEISHA ROYALTY and the other blue colorway is equally stunning!

We will soon be releasing the color boards to our hard working sales team who will be showing to quilt shop owners this month.

We will keep you posted when this elegant fabric collection is released to the quilt shops early next year.

Aloha from Da Textile Samurai

Friday, October 14, 2011

Quilt Market Fast Approaching

The International Quilt Market is the quilting industry's BIG SHOW and this year the Fall show will be held in Houston, TX on OCT. 29 - 31.

Kona Bay has been attending Quilt Market since our beginning in 1991.

In addition to showing off our latest fabric selections, Kona Bay has always had a special treat for our quilt shop customers and, once again, it will be chocolate macadamia nuts from Hawaii.

I know some will enjoy a licorice whip or a Tootsie roll at other booths, but it is no comparison to Kona Bay's chocolate macadamia nut candy!!

So, if you are attending, please make sure you swing by our booths -- 1220 and 1321 - and check out the new wonderful fabric collections as well as enjoying our wonderful candy from beautiful Hawaii.

Aloha from Da Textile Samurai

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kona Bay Fabrics Gentle Breeze Collection

Kona Bay's new and upcoming GENTLE BREEZE Collection is now on the Kona Bay Fabrics' web site for our quilt shop customers to purchase.

This pretty collection will be available in February and a FREE pattern will be on our our web site in January.

Five gorgeous designs are in this fabulous collection and only five fabrics are needed to make the Gentle Breeze quilt as viewed above.

What a great quilt project and it doesn't require a small fortune in fabric purchases in order to produce a super quilt!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Kona Bay's lovely FLEUR COLLECTION will be released in January!

There are eight wonderful colors ranging from white on white to taupe -- perfect for any and all projects!!

Not sure you can ever have enough fabric of these must-have colors for your quilting or craft projects.

Let your local quilt shop know you would very much like to have them order the upcoming FLEUR COLLECTION.

Mahalo from Da Textile Samurai

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kona Bay Quilt Shop Customer Display

It is always nice to see a fabric collection that is worked on very hard ending up not only being a very beautiful collection but a super display for a quilt shop customer as well.

The Pine Needle Quilt Shop in Lake Oswego, OR set up such a display featuring our new Chesnut Lane Collection and it looks spectacular!!

Thanks Pine Needle for the lovely display and for being a super Kona Bay customer!!

Chestnut Lane Collection is available now in your favorite quilt shop and it is just in time for the fall season.

You can also download a FREE pattern using the Chesnut Lane Collection from the Kona Bay Fabrics webpage. Enjoy!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Patterns on Kona Bay Web Page!!

It may not the the best kept secret in the world, but did you know there are lots of FREE patterns on the Kona Bay web site?

For a long time, Kona Bay has always created and given away many, many free patterns on our web site and the giving continues!!

Every time Kona Bay Fabrics releases a new fabric collection, we soon have a FREE pattern to go along with that fabric group.

We hope you will visit our web site and check out the FREE patterns.

Did I say they were FREE?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Garden Gazing Collection -- Less is More!!!

The new floral fabric line from Kona Bay, Garden Gazing Collection, comes in two color stories - periwinkle blue and buttery yellow or red, orange and fuchsia colors. In addition to two color stories, the main floral pattern comes in both a large print and smaller scale design, GAZI-01 and GAZI-02. The collection also contains a lovely border print with carnations and anenomes and three designs of coordinates.

A free pattern will be available for you to download in December. The Garden Gazing Pattern is one of Kona Bay's new "Less is More" patterns and these quilts only require six fabrics!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kona Bay Eco Friendly Hot/Cold Bags a Hit!!!

Like The GEICO commercial says, if you haven't known about the Kona Bay Fabrics Eco-Friendly Hot/Cold bags, then you must have been living under a rock.

These elegant, stylish and practical bags have been the hit this year and can be found at your local quilt shop or by visiting our Kona Bay Gifts web site.

There are eleven distinctive hot/cold bags, six of which have a Pacific Northwest theme where Kona Bay Fabrics is located.

Ask for them at your favorite quilt shop or visit Kona Bay Gifts today!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kona Bay Fabrics' latest issue of their Asian Fabric magazine will be released at the end of October and the cover features one of our newest fabric groups - Paradise Collection.

This beautiful fabric collection will be in quilt shops in December/January and it so pretty! This collection has a gorgeous master print with lovely coordinates but also there are twelve gold texture complimentary fabrics entitled Paradise Gold Dust.

You can get your copy of Asian Fabric magazine at your favorite quilt shop or it can easily be ordered online from Kona Bay.