Friday, August 26, 2011

Lillian Loves Her Kona Bay Hot/Cold Bag!!

We got word from a Kona Bay fan that her lovely daughter, Lillian, is elated with her Kona Bay Eco Friendly Hot/Cold Bag and is using it constantly!

One can imagine how cool and styling she must be at school when she takes her lunch out of her Kona Bay hot/cold bag.

Not only is she sporting a great looking hot/cold bag but is doing her part for the environment by not having to rely on plastic bags for her lunch or when she and Mom go shopping for groceries.

Lillian is shown here with the ever popular Lotus Blossom bag which is just one of the 11 designs of hot/cold bags produced by Kona Bay.

You too can be styling with your Kona Bay hot/cold bag by visiting your local quilt shop or by visiting Kona Bay Gifts.

Thanks Lilllian for being a super Kona Bay fan and sharing your picture with us!!

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