Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Its Blackberry Season at Kona Bay!

It's blackberry season at Kona Bay Fabrics!!

In the back of our warehouse in Redmond, WA the blackberry bushes are loaded with blackberries and I couldn't resist picking a cup full and having a great afternoon snack.

They will probably end up in a yummy smoothie but the other possibilities are endless.

Shall it be cobbler, pie or ???

Suggestions are appreciated.

Aloha from Da Textile Samurai with stained fingers:)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FREE Patterns from Kona Bay Fabrics

Who doesn't like something for free?

At Kona Bay Fabrics, we have been offering FREE PATTERNS for a long, long time and we are always updating our webpage with more new free patterns all the time!

The pattern above, Tranquility Quilt Pattern, is from our beautiful Tranquility fabric line and is available on our web site with many more gorgeous patterns.

We hope you can visit our web site and see the free patterns along with the many beautiful fabrics we are producing at Kona Bay.

Enjoy the free patterns!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chestnut Lane Collection Due to Arrive in September

If you thought Kona Bay Fabrics only produced high quality beautiful Asian Fabrics, well look again.

Kona Bay's gorgeous Chestnut Collection will be in our warehouse very soon and then will be rolled and sent to our quilt shop customers all over the world.

Chestnut Lane Collection comes in two spectacular color groups - Cinnamon and Burgundy.

There is a FREE pattern on our web site so you may download the free pattern and begin thinking about your Chestnut Lane project now.

Please visit your local quilt shop and make sure they have ordered the wonderful Chestnut Lane Collection for you.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quilt Market/Quilt Festival Coming Soon

Hard to believe that September is right around the corner and that means the countdown begins until the big quilt wholesale trade show - QUILT MARKET - and the huge consumer show - QUILT FESTIVAL - are here.

QUILT MARKET is where the wholesale quilting/fabric industry assembles for the big show and a great time for Kona Bay to showcase our latest fabric collections to quilt shop customers and other fabric and sewing businesses.

Kona Bay gets many booths at QUILT MARKET and we beautify our booths with lovely quilts made with our gorgeous fabrics and projects.

QUILT FESTIVAL is probably the nation's largest consumer show of fabrics, patterns, notions, gadgets, sewing machines, books, etc as thousands upon thousands of fabric lovers show up every year. Since it is a consumer show, it is Kona Bay's customers - mostly quilt shops - that have booths and sell directly to individuals.

If you ever get a chance to attend either show, you certainly won't be disappointed!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lillian Loves Her Kona Bay Hot/Cold Bag!!

We got word from a Kona Bay fan that her lovely daughter, Lillian, is elated with her Kona Bay Eco Friendly Hot/Cold Bag and is using it constantly!

One can imagine how cool and styling she must be at school when she takes her lunch out of her Kona Bay hot/cold bag.

Not only is she sporting a great looking hot/cold bag but is doing her part for the environment by not having to rely on plastic bags for her lunch or when she and Mom go shopping for groceries.

Lillian is shown here with the ever popular Lotus Blossom bag which is just one of the 11 designs of hot/cold bags produced by Kona Bay.

You too can be styling with your Kona Bay hot/cold bag by visiting your local quilt shop or by visiting Kona Bay Gifts.

Thanks Lilllian for being a super Kona Bay fan and sharing your picture with us!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ginkgo Tonals Collection Has Arrived!!

One of Kona Bay's best selling tonal fabrics has arrived into Seattle and next week we hope to have it all rolled onto fabric boards then shipped out to our quilt shop customers.

Ginkgo Tonals is a spectacular group of 19 wonderful colors that covers a wide range of the color spectrum and should be suitable for any and all of your projects.

I had a difficult time trying to pick my favorite color so I went with blue to show as the sample for the blog today.

Now is a good time to check with your local quilt shop to make sure they put aside for you, your favorite colors from the Ginkgo Tonals collection.

Hope you have as much fun sewing with this group as we did producing it.

Mahalo and Aloha.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kona Bay Fabric Contest Winner

Kona Bay Fabrics is happy to announce that Roxann Piaseczny Williams of Virginia is the winner of our "Name that Collection" Contest. The new collection name for this five design group is Gentle Breeze.

Roxann will receive five one yard cuts from this collection when it is printed later this year.

Thanks to all the many people who submitted entries. It was a very tough decision!

There are many colors being worked on for this lovely fabric collection.

Kona Bay has many contests with our nearly 7,000 fans on Facebook and you can be a part of the fun along with learning about our FREE patterns by joining the Kona Bay Facebook page.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kona Bay Eco Friendly Hot/Cold Bags

As many of you know, Kona Bay Fabrics created a line of beautiful, artistic eco friendly hot/cold bags featuring designs from very talented Pacific NW artists as well as designs created by Kona Bay Fabrics.

Many of the bags had a Northwest theme and many were produced to appeal to one and all.

These wonderful and practical hot/cold bags have been very popular and have been selling very well in our customers' quilt shops.

We have now entered the gift shop arena and we decided to show our bags at the recent Seattle Gift Show.

We were very pleased with our sales and we also picked up sales reps that call on the gift shops in selected markets.

The bags are also available for purchase on the Kona Bay Gifts website.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mr Kona Bay Back to Blogging

I have been doing a lot more Facebook and Twitter social interaction lately and have not been dedicating enough time to the Kona Bay Fabrics blog but now I am back to blogging.

We hope you have been following us on Facebook which is where I do daily postings -- sometimes several a day - to keep everyone up to date on new collections, free patterns and things in general involving Kona Bay Fabrics. Occasionally, Miss Piggy da Kitty will get her picture uploaded as well.

The two latest collections from Kona Bay to arrive in the quilt shops and are available now would be:

Talented quilter Cathy Kind has produced a very lovely quilt for the Explosion of Colors tonal group and this FREE pattern can be found on the Kona Bay website by clicking here.

The other fabric collection that is also available now in quilt shops is the popular RAINBOW GARDEN COLLECTION.

Kona Bay is famous for their Asian designs but did you know that we also produce very beautiful non-Asian fabric collections as well.

RAINBOW GARDEN COLLECTION is a lovely fabric group and it also comes with a FREE pattern by Cathy Kind and is available on our web site.

Enjoy the fabric, enjoy the free patterns and hope everyone is having a great summer!!