Friday, July 17, 2009

Four New Tone on Tone Groups Add Pop to Your Project!

Ok, I know what you’re saying, “Tone on tones aren’t the pop in the project, you silly boy”! But you know I’ve been paying attention and, even more than that, admiring, quilts of all types pretty intently for nearly twenty years now.

On top of that, I’ve been pumping out those striking Asian designs that, I’m told, have made your toes tingle for just as long. Plus, several years back, we added the Seattle Bay division with its artistic, nature-inspired designs. I’m not wearing my “Ask the Expert” button today but here’s what I’ve concluded.

Tone on tone designs are like the foundation of a house or the bun on a hot dog (Is it lunchtime yet!?)—without them, everything falls apart. Over the years, our tone on tone designs have gained popularity with quilters using designs of every kind for their focus fabric. Seattle Bay, in particular, has worked to build a strong and ample selection of tonals.

The ideal tone on tone will read almost like a solid if you stand back yet offer a subtle texture and interest close up. It’s important that a tone on tone use various values of the same color to maintain only a slight contrast.

Tone on tones play a supporting role in your fabric theater. The right tone on tone is what makes the focus fabric pop.

This brings us back to the four new Kona Bay and Seattle Bay tone on tone collections. Starring on the Kona Bay side are the Gingko Tonals. Due out in stores come August, the Gingko Tonal design takes advantage of the unique shape of the gingko leaf which will pair well with both Asian and non-Asian designs. The addition of metallic gold along the rim of the leaves offers a dramatic twist.

Seattle Bay has built a name and reputation for its user-friendly tone on tone groups. Quilters can count on finding just the right print and color. Look for the three new Seattle Bay groups in local quilt shops starting in September—Falling Leaves, Vine Tonals and Tulip Tonals.
Each of the Seattle Bay groups feature eighteen different colors each while the Gingko Tonals offer eleven. Visit our website to see all the new tone and tone collections and more!


  1. I love them. I hope I can find them in the somewhere in one of the few quilt shops that are in NS.

  2. ooh your a fun find! will be back to peek around!

  3. I think there are very few quilts that couldn't benefit from having a tone on tone in it somewhere.

  4. Wow! Real beauties! I'll be looking for them ...