Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All I Could Say Was Wow!

In each issue of Asian Fabric, our magazine, we include a fun and inspiring section titled, “What I Did With My Kona Bay”. I never cease to be astounded by the photos of truly phenomenal projects our readers submit.

Last month, our editor forwarded an email submission from Magdalena Urbankova (pictured above) of Madison, New Jersey. She had lovingly transformed the Mount Fuji print from the Emperor Collection into a stunning shirt for her husband. It was fun to see our fabric used in a new way.

The seemingly endless vault of creativity we see stitched into artistic creations is heartwarming to say the least. Many quilts—large and small—along with bags, home dec items and an occasional wearable, are submitted. I never get tired of seeing ways our fabric can be used.

Last week, upon my return to the office from Hawaii, I was presented with a package. As I opened it, I saw our fabric. After unfolding the contents, I found a shirt—a shirt for me! Wow! Yes, I'm wearing it in the photo here. If I had a toothy grin, you'd be seeing it.

In staff correspondence with Magdalena, it was mentioned how neat it would be if I had a shirt like the one she had sewn and submitted for our What I Did With My Kona Bay section. Bless her heart, if Magdalena didn’t offer to make me one. I am touched and grateful for this very special gift. The craftsmanship and imaginative use of the scenic design is incredible. This will be special occasion wear.

You still have time to submit projects for the next issue. Send in a photo and a little information about you and your project. Email or submit via mail to: Eagle Publishing, KB Project, 328 E. Indiana Ave, Spokane, WA 99207.

Thank you again, Magdalena and thank you to all of you who support Kona Bay Fabrics and churn out the magnificent, inspired projects we see and the many we don’t. I admire you!


  1. Fabulous shirt idea - and you are a lucky guy to have Magdalena make one for you too!

  2. What a gorgeous shirt, looks great on you!

  3. That shirt is fabulous! ..and so is your fabric.