Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kona Bay Makes International News!

Kona Bay Fabrics and our nations’ first lady, Michelle Obama, have made the news again. When I made my earlier post, The First Lady Wears Kona Bay, a couple months ago, we were so excited to see Ms. Obama in photos all over the internet and I many publications wearing a lovely and oh so stylish designer dress made with a Kona Bay Fabric design.

Apparently, they caught wind of it in Japan, too. Earlier this month I received an email from one of our artists. As the proud creator of the featured fabric, EMPE-23 Black, from our Emperor’s Collection, he was anxious to share news of Kona Bay’s recognition in Japan.

The artists who worked on this design are trained in the kyo-yuzen method. EMPE-23 features pines and wisteria, two very common kyo-yuzen motifs. The herons were added as an accent. Rich colors are used in kyo-yuzen designs that typically feature picturesque scenes akin to life in Japan.

The yuzen dyeing method was introduced to Japan in the 8th century in Kyoto. Kyo-yuzen dyeing is traditionally used for kimonos and haori (short coats). The method is still practiced in the Kyoto region of Japan and was officially designated as a traditional craft in 1976. Kona Bay is fortunate to work with some of the finest artists who still practice the art.

We appreciate the good taste of our lovely First Lady and want to again thank her for choosing a Kona Bay fabric. Kona Bay Fabrics EMPE-23 is still available. Be sure to visit the Kona Bay Fabric website to see what’s new and many designs created in the kyo-yuzen method!

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