Friday, April 24, 2009

Kona Bay Appearing Daily On Etsy

Every day, I spend time on the internet—posting tweets to our fast growing league of Twitter followers and reviewing the many amazing products people have created with fabrics from Kona Bay. Along with enjoying photos of projects I’m emailed, Etsy has become one of my favorite places to linger.

Since 100% cotton fabrics are the norm for quilts, it’s often the first use people think of when they think of Kona Bay. Although there are, no doubt, thousands of quilts created every year by quilters around the globe, perhaps just as many other creative projects are made. I have found hundreds of examples on Etsy.

Of course, you recently saw our nations’ first lady wearing a stylish designer dress made completely with Kona Bay Fabric. Did I mention how excited we were to see that photo pop up in national papers? The thought still makes me smile!

In case you have never heard of Etsy—it’s an online marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade items. There may be no other place online that exhibits such a phenomenal display of talent all at one site. Launched in 2005 and not even five years old, Etsy is a runaway success story.

The Etsy community boasts nearly 2 million members and growth doesn’t seem to be slowing. Each seller has their own shop where you can buy their products and learn more about them. It’s boutique shopper’s paradise! I’ve also heard that it’s a source of inspiration for many.
I wanted to share a few fun products I found today.

KOALACaddie has developed a unique craft apron for knitters and chrocheters. I think these clever aprons could be appreciated by handywomen (and men!) of all kinds.

Pink Sweetie offers pendants, magnets and hair adornments using fabric covered buttons. These delightful little gems are the perfect option the next time you need an affordable gift (it’s ok to give yourself a gift).

Sandra's Creations’ stylish bags will take you from the beach to the office and grocery shopping in between.

These are just a few examples of the creative ways folks are using Kona Bay. Visit Kona Bay to see what’s new and Etsy for inspiring ideas on how to use your stash so you can make room for new designs.


  1. I love Etsy! It's so addictive. I spend way too much $$ there. Way more than I make. LOL

  2. Today, while performing a totally unrelated Google search, I was led to your blog. I read some input and comments, signed up for the newsletter, and went to the April posts. My heart almost stopped! I saw the photo of my KOALA Caddie Yarn Craft Apron and read your very kind words. I am humbled. Suffice it to say that it is an honor and a joy to sew with your fabric. I've had such positive feedback on the beauty of the Kona designs and can't wait to sew more craft aprons from my ever-growing stash of Kona fabrics. Thanks for your very kind recognition. ~ Mary Shooshan

  3. Why hello! Thank you for noticing! I'm a Kona Bay fabric fan from way back, we carry it in the quilt shop where I work.
    Now I can say i have something in common with the First Lady!
    Alicia B Cunningham