Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kona Bay Eco Friendly Hot/Cold Bags a Hit!

Of course you want to be styling when you go grocery shopping or taking your lunch to work. These hot/cold bags are aluminum and plastic lined for keeping your food either hot or cold. And for your kids, this is not your ordinary boring brown paper bag.

What better way to let the world know how cool and environmental conscious than by showing off your Kona Bay eco friendly hot/cold bag!!

Kona Bay has eleven beautiful bags all from talented artists !

Six bags have a Pacific Northwest theme and five are universally loved no matter where you reside.

These bags are available at your local quilt shop as well as online at Kona Bay Gifts.

Get some for yourself and don't forget that they also make great gifts!!

Be prepared to be stopped by many people wanting to know where you got your cool bag

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