Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kona Bay Announces "Less is More" Fabric Series

Many times, I get asked by customers and quilters why there can't be fabric collections and quilt projects where you do not need a zillion different fabric designs to make it complete. (I think a zillion is a big number!)

Kona Bay Fabrics listens to our customers and fans and we act accordingly.

Kona Bay will soon be announcing the release of the "Garden Gazing Collection" in which you will ONLY need 6 different fabrics to make a beautiful quilt project.

The quilt pattern series and the Garden Gazing Collection is part of Kona Bay's "Less is More" fabric and quilt series and should prove to be quite popular.

We are putting on the finishing touches of this wonderful fabric collection and will have pictures and details very shortly.

Remember........."Less is More"

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