Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Celebrities of the Quilting World

Did you ever wish you could be a rockstar? I know it might be hard to picture but I occasionally spent time in my youth conjuring up images of me rocking out with the sound of my guitar vibrating against my chest while the adoring fans buzzed in my ear. I know what you’re thinking…snap out of it, boy!

Well, today, I received copies of the promotional pieces for the premier issue of Quiltposium “Living and Traveling with a Quilter’s Eye”, a new quarterly online travel magazine for quilters. On the front page, it read—For the first time ever a groundbreaking online magazine with your favorite celebrities! Coming September 1, 2009!

Guess who’s photo was right there among industry hard hitters like Eleanor Burns, Kaye England, Alex Anderson and Jinny Beyer to name a few? Yes indeed, it was yours truly! So, it would appear I have finally arrived at rockstar status. The vibration might be a result of fabric folding machines in the warehouse and the buzz might be from fans sewing machines hard at work—but I have been officially deemed a celebrity.

Earlier this year Jim West, of Sew Many Places, introduced me to this exciting new venue and invited me to be a regular contributor. My answer, of course, was yes.

Each issue of Quiltposium will include over 100 pages of articles, photographs and video clips from 24 well-loved folks in the quilting industry plus detailed itineraries of up to 45 expeditions, cruises, tours and quiltposiums by Sew Many Places. You’ll enjoy free patterns, trip giveaways, discount coupons and way more information than you’ll be able to absorb in a single sitting. And, here’s the kicker—it’s FREE!

Here’s a fun note and reason enough, all by itself, to register for the premier copy—Kaye England (my quilting mom and someone I admire immensely!) will be the first centerfold and rumor is, it’s not to be missed.

My first column talks about using large scale fabric in your projects. It’s a common dilemma that is more easily addressed than you might think. You can register for this fun premier issue of Quiltposium at www.quiltposium.com. Remember, it’s free, so a few quick clicks mean you own it!

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