Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Asian Fabric Magazine—A Peek Inside

As the next issue of Asian Fabric magazine comes together, I thought I’d give you an insider glimpse of the great things to come. Your feedback on the magazine has always been very positive and inspirational.

To celebrate the rebirth of spring and new additions to families around the globe, we’ll be featuring a beautiful grouping for the nursery. Two quilts, the Akachan and Sakana, one suitable for a girl and one for a boy, will add fascinating color and depth to your child’s room.

The creative quilts are suitable for lap quilts, as the child grows older. They’re also guaranteed to be the stand out gift at the next baby shower on your calendar. An accompanying baby bag and accessories will round out the package and have everyone cooing over your creations.

Butterflies are an ever popular Motif so Georgie Gerl, our favorite quilt designer, has also designed the stunning Chocho (butterfly) Quilt. This appliqué project will delight you and brighten your room as colorful butterflies do your blooming garden. Plus, find out about what the butterfly symbolizes in Asia and give your quilt a special story.

Travel with me as we take our first magazine visit to the fascinating country of Thailand and its capital city Bangkok. Carrying on the theme, we’ll feast on easy and delicious Thai recipes you can make and enjoy through a summer of fun.

Look for Asian Fabric Issue #16, filled with these great patterns and more, in your local quilt shops at the end of May. You can also subscribe now so you don’t miss a single issue. And, as always, I invite you to visit and find our what’s new at Kona Bay Fabrics.

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