Thursday, January 29, 2009

The First Lady Wears Kona Bay

As I sit at my desk looking at the Newsday website. I’m looking at the photo. Could it be? I think…yes. Yes, yes. It is!

Michelle Obama, the First Lady, is wearing a Kona Bay fabric design from the Emperor’s Collection at the National Prayer Service. Wow! 

The featured fabric from our Emperor’s Collection, EMPE-23 Black, is available at many local quilt stores and online. Quilt shops should also know we still have some available for order. By the way, the First Lady looked stunning. Check out this and the latest from Kona Bay Fabrics at


  1. Very nice!
    Just passing through.

  2. Yes, and doesn't she look just lovely in it!!!

  3. Congratulations both on your blog and the First Lady wearing Kona Bay. Your fabrics are stunning and deserve this high profile showing. Given that you are located in Hawaii, such a beautiful island, have you ever thought of designing a series of tropical fabric that takes it to the next level like some of your amazing Asian designs? Something that would go beyond the basic Hawaiian fabric you see on a regular basis.

  4. Congratulations! The First Lady looks stunning.

  5. Now THAT is pretty cool! It's beautiful!
    Smiles, Karen